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Julien Mortier

Julien Mortier made several instruments as a self-taught violin-maker before setting off with a mule and a gypsy caravan to discover Europe.

In 1999 he met the violin-maker Franco Simeoni in Treviso in Italie and was his apprentice for several years.

Then he met the bow-maker Jean-Marc Panhaleux, staying a few months to work with him in his workshop in Lille, France. Fascinated by the creative aspect, he began to make his first bows.

In 2005 Julien opened his own workshop in Torreilles, near Perpignan, France, where he met Sophie Erdal. They merged their two workshops into one in Perpignan en 2007.

Since then he has been following the advice of the two bow-makers Jean-Marc Panhaleux and Jean Grunberger to perfect his technique, making bows that are more and more sought after.