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We rent out the smaller sizes of instruments (violin, viola, cello and double-bass with a case or cover and a bow). They are student instruments set up and adjusted in our workshop. We do our best to let a pupil try several instruments before choosing the one he or she prefers.

Full-size (4/4) instruments may be bought after a period of rental: we deduct the previous six months' rental fee from the cost price of the instrument.

Instruments rented from us are covered by our own insurance policy and payment is by direct debit, for which we require an ID card (passport, etc), a deposit cheque for the value of the instrument and your bank account details.

Monthly Tariff:
Small violin 13.00€
4/4 violin 16.00€
Small viola 13.00€
4/4 viola 18.00€
Small cello 25.00€
4/4 cello 30.00€

(N.B. these prices include insurance cover)

We also rent instruments for one-off events - contact us for more details.